Awesome perspective


We would like for you to imagine an image; paint a picture in your mind, so to speak, from what we are about to present.

Consider a fantastic mountain view with a pristine lake at its base being fed from a massive waterfall streaming down from the cliffs above. The lake is teaming with all manner of life, from various species of fish to exotic plant life and, on the shoreline, a lovely sandy beach surrounds the entire lake.

Beyond the beach you find an abundance of trees and plant life as well as a myriad of animal life enjoying the abundant supply of fruit and berries that grow, uninhibited, in the ever expanding valley spreading out in every direction, from the lake, and stretching out as far as the eye can see.

As we peruse the area, from above, as though we were in some sort of aircraft, we notice that the lake has several streams flowing from it in every direction and, as we observe these streams, we notice that they form many tributaries that meander through the valley, bringing life to every part of the valley.

It becomes immediately obvious that the life-giving streams are dependent upon the lake as their source and, as we inspect the scenario more closely, we realize that the origin of the life in the lake comes from the water streaming down from the mountain. If we were to ascend to the top of the mountain, we may even discover the true source of this life-giving water.

If you focus on the illustration you pictured in your mind, the valley is where most of the living creatures, along with the plant and animal life they need for nourishment, exist. It’s plain to see that the inhabitants are extremely dependent on the surrounding plant and animal life to keep them alive. These plants and animals, on the other hand, could not exist, either, if there was no water to give them life.

Therefore, they are totally dependant on the streams to bring water, from the lake, to feed them. Since the streams have a continuous connection to the lake, they are able to provide, not only, life-giving water to the valley, but also any fish that follow them, downstream, as well. So, it is extremely important that the streams maintain this connection to the lake.

Now, consider this, if that connection was severed and there was no water flowing from the lake into the streams. Without water, the streams are nothing more than ditches, or  ruts, that only make traveling difficult and actually become a threat to any passers-by who might fall in. Without water the valley inhabitants would die.

With that in mind, let us focus our attention on the lake for a moment. What exactly is the lake and what is its purpose, its function? To be completely blunt, the lake is really nothing more than a large hole in the ground that, in and of itself, is totally useless and of no value to anyone except for the fact that it just happens to be situated in the right place to allow it to be filled with water from the waterfall, allowing the life-giving water to flow to the streams.

To be honest, this hole could be filled in and, so long as the waterfall is supplying a continuous fresh supply of water, the streams would eventually be able to be filled and keep the valley from dying, but a key ingredient would be missing. One of the benefits of the lake is that, as the waterfall continues to replenish it with fresh water, the lake has an abundant supply of oxygen flowing through it.

Oxygen provides life to all the plants and creatures within the lake which, by the way, could not exist without the lake because the steady rapid flow of water, from the waterfall, is too violent to sustain living creatures. So the lake provides a safe place for living creatures to exist that would provide additional nourishment for the valley, allowing the inhabitants to have a richer, more abundant life.

The valley represents people who are in need, physically, spiritually, emotionally or whatever. You see the need and want to help but you feel that you are nothing more than a useless hole in the ground or stuck in a rut going nowhere and always being in the way. You need to change your perspective, you need to rise above the situation and see your position from God’s perspective.

The very fact that you even see that there is a need proves that God has designed streams, from you, to those in need. Right now they just look like ruts, until you connect them to the life-giving source by being the lake and allowing God to pour out His blessings, to them, through you. REMEMBER; every major accomplishment goes through a construction phase and if you’ve ever watched something being built, it usually doesn’t look very pretty or functional until it’s done.

The most important thing for you to realize is that, on your own, you really are nothing but an empty hole, that can only harm these people, unless you rely on the source (God), which in our scenario is represented by the mountain, and the waterfall represents all the blessings that flow from Him. When you turn to God and ask Him to help you help those people, and really mean it, He will fill your lake with more than ample supply to meet every need; and the benefit to you is that, while the supply is flowing through your lake, you get to enjoy the use of it.

Here’s the kicker, you need to make sure you, accurately, position yourself in a place where you get the most benefit from the waterfall so that, as your lake overflows, it feeds the streams that can help keep the inhabitants of the valley alive.

In order to understand how to position yourself where you need to be, we suggest you visit our original site @ and read through all pages listed in the index, starting from “Our Story”, through to the end and pay special attention to the parts where we discuss how to have a relationship with God, especially the one called “KNOCK,KNOCK…” or click the following link ( or copy it into your browser (without the brackets, of course).

We know this will take time, but REMEMBER, time is in God’s hands, never rush anything but don’t waste time either. You go with your heart and follow the teaching provided and God will make sure that you are in the right place at the right time as long as you continue to follow His leading.



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